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Chittenden County Doll Club, 09/13/13: everyone’s dolls!

Chittenden County Doll Club, 09/13/13: everyone’s dolls! published on No Comments on Chittenden County Doll Club, 09/13/13: everyone’s dolls!

Lorraine [vermont chick], Megan and I gathered for a meetup this afternoon at the usual place and usual time.

I brought some of my smaller dolls. Submit [Elfdoll Kathlen with awake faceplate — the bald one] had never been to a meet before. Neither had Jujube [Elfdoll Winky — the winking one with multi-colored hair].

I also brought Takara Microman Microlady Material Force figures in peach and brown for them to play with. The Microladies, at 2.75", contain the most articulation in the smallest size of any figures I own. With their double-jointed necks and shoulder balls that enable them to shrug and move their shoulders front and back, they have greater flexibility than any of my other dolls in any scale!

Megan’s scratch-built 1:12 scale BJD hangs over the back of the yellow chair, investigating what the girls are up to.

As mentioned above, Megan brought her 1:12 scale scratch-built BJD, who was sporting a new shirt. The following ensued between him and my Microladies. Add your own captions.

vemont chick brought her Fairyland Minifee Siean, Fairyland Feeple 65 Siean and Iplehouse SID Soo. Minifee Siean, a younger version of Feeple 65 Siean, has an adorable skijump nose. Minifee Siean’s faceup and outfit by vermont chick.

Exasperated by her reading material.

Cute profile!

Here’s a full-length view of the stripey outfit that vermont chick made for her. Minifee Siean seems resigned to American Girl Magazine, since there’s nothing else her size to read.

vermont chick’s Fairyland Feeple 65 Siean looks more petulant than the Minifee version, I think. The mouth reminds me of Cerebrus Project Lishe.

Profile shot. Feeple 65 Siean’s nose is rounder and less upturned than Minifee’s.

vermont chick’s Iplehouse SID Soo appeared with a new faceup [by vermont chick]. She has freckles!

Another wig provides dramatic contrast with her black dress.

I can’t wait for next month! We’re having a special Halloween-themed meetup, and I’m bringing my graveyard set!!

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