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Stalling on Yamarrah’s completion

Stalling on Yamarrah’s completion published on No Comments on Stalling on Yamarrah’s completion

Yamarrah has hung around without a faceup or a creemee because I’ve been trying to think of the best method to match her light brown head with her yellowy body. See the mismatch?

I got her head in Iplehouse "real skin" color because that’s the color that the split partner chose who bought the body. I got her body in Domuya NS because, at $145.00 shipped, it was the cheapest 1:3 scale body I’ve ever seen. If one part of her was WS and the other NS, I wouldn’t care so much, but the different between the brown and pale yellow resins requires a remedy.

I’m now currently thinking to prime and spray paint parts of her torso and arms. Her upper torso [she has a ridiculous number of torso joints] and her separate neck ball may be painted some light brown. I’m not looking for an exact match to her head, just something closer than pale yellow. Her upper arms and separate shoulder balls may be painted the same light brown with orange highlights. Her forearms and separate elbow joints may be painted lighter orange with darker orange accents.

So basically the concept is to move from her clear orange hands to light orange forearms and elbow joints with dark orange accents. From there, we move to light brown upper arms and shoulder balls with dark orange accents. From there we move to a light brown upper torso and neck ball.

Not sure if I will get all this priming and spray painting done by the time the weather turns too cold to spray. This doll is taking much longer to complete than I expected. I don’t want to do a sloppy, rushed job on her, so I expect that the increased waiting time will pay off.

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