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Prep for Gloravnia

Prep for Gloravnia published on No Comments on Prep for Gloravnia

I just made the first payment on Gloravnia today. I scheduled a 90-day layaway, but I will try mightily to pay it off in half that time.

Anyway, here are front and side shots of her as she currently looks. Photos by previous owner guls207 [Gulshan].

As I said to Guls, Garam has oddly shaped eyes, very droopy. They are what inspired me to go with the concept of a sprite of tears.

I also observed to Guls that Garam, like the first Soom Minigem Uyoo and also like the tragically unavailable Sosle, has big eyes and full lips. Garam, Uyoo and Sosle’s features are also all very large compared to their overall head size. I love this aesthetic, but I guess other customers didn’t, as Garam and Sosle have been discontinued, and only Uyoo remains available. Now I really want a Sosle, in part because she’s adorable and in part because I want a complete set [Uyoo, Garam, Sosle].

In any case, I also received today a package of faux fur swatches from LuxuryFauxFur. Unable to discern which blues would work best for Gloravnia’s hair, I requested 10 options. From these, I chose blizzard icy shag [left] for the bangs and turquoise with silver tinsel [right] for the base. Together they provide a shimmery, aquatic look.


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