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Particolored doll?

Particolored doll? published on No Comments on Particolored doll?

 I have just revised my concept for Infinity [who is inevitable, now that he has a name]. Instead of being black and wearing white, he would have alternating black and white parts like so:

Body picture is from Lumedoll’s Web site, a photo of Lumedoll Lumelight Koit on the slim body. Head picture is from a photo of Lumelight Mini Zero on same site. Please ignore the wig. Infinity will have a fur wig, black on the left as you look at him, white on the right as you look at him, of course. No clothes or faceup, just selectively spray-painted limbs.

I imagine that Infinity will disturb the small populations even more than Timonium, especially because he is a playful ham who likes to pretend to be a zombie/puppet/shadow and follow people around, mimicking them. I see him becoming good friends with Ginevra, however, and with Submit, who’s one of the most open-minded on the shelf. I also see him especially pestering Mellifer, since he can get a big reaction out of him. I also see everyone having a group discussion in which they tell Infinity that he has to stop freaking out Mellifer.

He also doesn’t speak, which means that putting him in photostories will be interesting. I foresee subtitles or special effects [motion lines? blurred body parts?] for "[nodding]," "[shaking head]," "[waving]," etc.

Mellifer: "Stop pretending to be some sort of creepy doll."

Infinity: [puts hands on hips, cocks head]

Ginevra [to Mellifer]: "You do realize that you can’t ask people to stop being what they are, right?"

Infinity: [points thumb at Ginevra, nods head to the side in her direction]

Mellifer: "Never mind…"

Ginevra [to Infinity]: "And you… You do realize that I’m your only friend around here because everyone thinks you’re an annoying pest, right?"

Infinity: [hangs head, clasps hands behind back]

Mellifer: "See? Now I have no idea if you’re really sorry or if you’re just pretending to be as one of your tricks."

Infinity: [continues to hang head]

Mellifer: "Are you actually sorry?"

Infinity: [nods slowly]

Mellifer: "How can I tell?!"

Ginevra: "He’s sorry. He’s trying to show you that he’s serious by nodding slowly."

Infinity: [points to Ginevra, applauds, nods more quickly]

Mellifer: "How do you know? The dude has no face!"

Infinity: [holds up middle finger to Mellifer, stomps off]

Ginevra: "Because I actually pay attention to people and get to know them, unlike some of us that I COULD mention!"

Mellifer: [throws up hands] "Arrrrgh!" [stomps off in opposite direction]

Ginevra: "Well, that went well."

Oh yeah, and apparently he doesn’t pester Timonium because he has a huge crush on him, which means that he constantly enlists other people to give Timonium presents from him.

Infinity: [taps Jareth on arm]

Jareth: "Hey, what’s up?"

Infinity: [gives pretty marble]

Jareth: "Ah…thank you."

Infinity: [shakes head, points to marble, then points to Timonium]

Jareth: "You want me to give it to him?"

Infinity: [nods]

Jareth: "I don’t understand why."

Infinity: [makes shooing motions]

Jareth: "Wait a minute…YOU give it to him."

Infinity: [shakes head vigorously]

Jareth: "Why not?"

Infinity: [shivers exaggeratedly]

Jareth: "You’re cold? You’re scared?"

Infinity: [nods]

Jareth: "Why?"

Infinity: [looks down]

Jareth: "Did he upset you or hurt you or something?"

Infinity: [shakes head]

Jareth: "You need to tell me a little more here. I’m confused."

Infinity: [blushes]

Jareth: "You’re embarrassed? Worried?"

Infinity: [nods a little bit, blushes more]

Jareth: "You didn’t have a problem giving it to me. What is it about Timonium — ?"

Infinity: [blushes even more]

Jareth: "Got a crush on him, huh?"

Infinity: [immediately vacates premises]

Jareth: "Hey, you forgot your marble!"

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