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Jareth is flaming.

Jareth is flaming. published on No Comments on Jareth is flaming.

But we knew that already. :p

Behold the glory of tacking with colored thread. Jareth’s wig is made on the same principle as Yamarrah’s: same fur, same stitching up of selected spikes to create an anti-grav look. This time, though, instead of using white thread all the way around, I employed my new colored threads to stitch up red spikes with red thread and orange with orange.

I also eschewed the Mod Podge for this one. Mod Podge helps the colors of Yamarrah’s wig blend, thus looking more like flames, while Jareth’s wig looks fluffier and more fiber-like and hair-like.

Jareth knows he looks hilarious, and he’s down with that. ^_^

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