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Chittenden County Doll Club, 10/26/2013

Chittenden County Doll Club, 10/26/2013 published on No Comments on Chittenden County Doll Club, 10/26/2013

Six people attended the first CCDC Halloween meetup yesterday: me, Lyrajean, vermont chick, goldi, Megan and a newcomer, purplekiss101. [Megan did not bring any dolls, though.] I brought my graveyard set; purplekiss101 and Megan brought pumpkins; purplekiss101, vermont chick and Lyrajean brought dolls in costume, and Lyrajean brought some doll-scale Halloween treats.

purplekiss101’s Crobidoll Yeon Ho type B would never have agreed to come to the meetup if he knew he would have to dress in a fuzzy bunny costume.

Araminthe, my B&G Dolls Burrysa snarling, will gladly take that ice cream cone if he’s going to mope instead of eat it.

purplekiss101’s Switch Taeheo head compares itself to a pumpkin.

Timonium, my Soom Faery Legend Auber, hangs out in my graveyard set, comforting my grieving angel.

Araminthe tells vermont chick’s pouty Iplehouse BID Ringo that no, she can’t have a pumpkin. Ringo’s costume by vermont chick.

goldi’s Soom Teenie Gem Necy is really cute. Little teefs! Freckles!

goldi’s Fairyland Mini Fee Chloe has music notes on her headband.

Lyrajean’s Iplehouse EID Asa.

vermont chick’s Iplehouse BID Ringo joins Lyrajean’s Customhouse Sariel and her Volks Yo-SD Kira at a table of Halloween goodies. Props and foods from Lyra.

Lyrajean’s Hujoo Freya, to be painted resembling her own pet kitty cat.

Lyrajean’s Volks Masha.

Lyrajean’s Volks F26.

vermont chick’s Alchemic Lab Unoa Chibi Lilin gets in the Halloween spirit with a witch outfit.

vermont chick’s Iplehouse BID Ringo does NOT like her costume.

vermont chick’s Fairyland PukiFee multi heads [Zefi on left and Bonnie on right] need a nap.

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