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8- to 10-year-old kid from spare parts!

8- to 10-year-old kid from spare parts! published on No Comments on 8- to 10-year-old kid from spare parts!

I knew that photographic inventory of my raw dolls would come in handy… I just realized that I can cobble together an 8- to 10-year-old kid from parts in my bin: one of my extra Batchix Nan Sook heads on one of those chocolate Hujoo bodies. To accomplish this, I need to:

  • adjust Hujoo neckpost
  • mod Nan Sook head so that it doesn’t look identical to Chaz
  • sculpt headcap
  • paint head to match body

 Very easy! The most challenging aspect of kid dolls is finding clothes for them.

The resulting girl, Sheila Stockard, is 10 at most. Her parents are friends with Isabel’s parents. Isabel and Carter have known Sheila since she was born. They have babysat for her in the past; she calls them Aunt Isabel and Uncle Carter. While Carter is not as close to Sheila as he used to be, Isabel still sees Sheila regularly. Sheila is a rather serious kid with few friends and little interest in pink sparkly shit. She does, however, like dolls, a fact that causes her parents some consternation [and Isabel much joy]. Isabel feels very protective of Sheila, especially because she, like Sheila, was shy, quiet, socially isolated and well-read for her age. Sheila, for her part, absolutely worships Isabel. Conflict occurs when Sheila’s parents discover that Isabel has spondis. They don’t want Sheila to hang out with Isabel anymore. Isabel and Sheila sneak around for a while, but then have to confront her parents’ prohibition head-on.

Notes: Overalls if possible. Glasses. Pierced ears. Glue black boucle yarn to head, then trim close for hair.

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