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Zombieville still needs kids.

Zombieville still needs kids. published on No Comments on Zombieville still needs kids.

I had this realization about ten days ago, but that prompted the creation of a whole new character [Sheila] when I really just wanted a variety of very young tertiaries.

Looking through my raw dolls, I see that the following may be employed to make some Zville kids:

  • Hujoo Wings body [remove conical breasts! 🙁 ]
  • Davry [DiD Timo Ducca head]
  • Young Anneka [Obitsu W-02 head]
  • Annie [Knickerbocker doll]

Looking through my entire population of dolls, especially those in storage, I see that the following may be employed to make Zville kids:

  • Baozha [Medicom Bambi head + modded Obitsu body]
  • Chow [CG02 head + DiD Timo Ducca body]

Submit could also sub in as a kid in a pinch.

In conclusion, here are some prospective kids ranked by ease of creation:


  • Submit [add wig] → 6 to 8 y/o
  • Annie [head swap, redress] → 6 to 8 y/o


  • Baozha [touch up, redress] → 12 to 14 y/o
  • Chow [rehair, redress] → 12 to 14 y/o


  • Young Anneka [match Wings body with head, remove breasts, dress] → 8 to 10 y/o
  • Davry [repaint, rehair, fit on Chow’s body, redress] → 8 to 10 y/o

Even though I can easily assemble six kids from the parts I have, I still want a toddler. >_<

I should really purchase my Annie doll an Obitsu body so that she can have more articulation.

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