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Dollars for Scholars Train Show, Winooski, VT, 12/07/2013: lots of panoramas!

Dollars for Scholars Train Show, Winooski, VT, 12/07/2013: lots of panoramas! published on No Comments on Dollars for Scholars Train Show, Winooski, VT, 12/07/2013: lots of panoramas!

Janna and I hit the Dollars for Scholars Train Show this morning, conveniently located blocks away from where we now live. I spent hours making panorama shots and correcting the nasty yellow fluorescent cast on all these photos, so witty captions will be sparse.

Clip art shows the way.

At the "Oh God, please make it go away!" table, Janna stocked up on magazines.

Panorama of Lewis Buchspics’ layout, which we saw last year in a slightly different configuration. Detail shots below.

Some seller was offering both this framed Lionel packaging and the pieces below. The full-color pictures are so beautiful.

I greatly admired this tinplate O-scale cable car. It reminds me of a box of animal crackers, and the combination of bright colors and cheerful expressions make me smile. Janna bought it for me!!!

1:24 scale porter of color has unfortunately been hand-detailed by some white dipstick whose sole experience of people of color extends to bug-eyed caricatures.

A portion of the Vermont Garden Railway Society’s layout appears above. Detail of West Randolph Grill below.

Don’t let that bunny get away, or else you will have to change your soup du jour!

The "create a panorama" function in Photoshop Elements allows me to give photographic overviews of large layouts, such as this one by the Northwestern Vermont Model Railroading Society.

Ephemera for sale advertises various train routes.

It’s my favorite part of the show: Barb Pitfido’s Lego layout! Smaller than usual, this testament to her creativity and twisted sense of humor nevertheless contained many humorous vignettes for me to find.

Cat lady feeds her horde of not-particularly-loyal familiars.

Centaurs don’t know what that whizzing thing on the circular road is, but they’re going to kill it the next time it comes around.

The bovine-loving aliens have returned. This time they have convinced a stegosaurus and a triceratops to go along with their endgame [whatever that is].

Not interested in the aliens’ proposals of world domination, however, the velociraptors harass the driver of a delivery van.

Just above the left gate, a zombie mime [?!] with a crowbar terrorizes the graveyard.

Having been in the air for twelve hours straight without a layover, Santa relieves himself behind a convenient tree, unaware that a firefighter observes him.

Get a grip, Spiderman!

Head-first into a snowbank — what a way to end up!

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