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Tara in Wonderland

Tara in Wonderland published on No Comments on Tara in Wonderland

Here’s my latest person, Tara. She is a modded Apexplorers Ice head. I trimmed down her neck and hollowed it out so that she looked more proportional on the CG 2.0 body she currently has. I also wiped her facial tattoos with Pebeo. To reduce the vast expanse of her exceedingly receding hairline, I gave her a fluorescent green headband. I also trimmed some of her dreads into bangs and used Mod Podge to lie them flat against her forehead.

I love Tara’s headsculpt. I love the way that her individual dreads are woven into cornrows, as well as a center part. I love her long, straight jawline that extends forward from her swirl-shaped ears. I love her big, wide, purple eyes, her pointy little nose and her full lips. She’s such a wonderful woman of color!

She looks very curious in these pictures.

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