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PlayToy + Original Effect + other parts + scratch-built head = Glamazon!

PlayToy + Original Effect + other parts + scratch-built head = Glamazon! published on No Comments on PlayToy + Original Effect + other parts + scratch-built head = Glamazon!

Remember how I thought that a PlayToy body with the XL bust should get together with an Original Effect body with the mile-long legs to create a body of truly comic-book proportions? Well, I took the plunge a few days ago and picked up a PT XL [$42.99 shipped] and an OE Harp Bullseye [all the characters in that line are named for musical instruments?!] body [$49.59] from Ebay to make this hybrid happen.

I have heard from fellow doll nerds that the PT disassembles into components very easily, much like an Obitsu. Therefore I originally thought to take the squishy bust piece off the PT and splice it onto the OE. The OE, however, doesn’t exhibit overall good flexibility, and I don’t want to sacrifice too much articulation by putting the PT bust on a body that I really only got for the legs.

I’m now thinking that I will use the PT as my foundation and swap its legs out for the OE ones. While I’m at it, I’ll also take advantage of the PT’s modularity to remove the despicable arms with single-ganged elbows and swap in some nice double-jointed ones. Not sure if I’ll keep the extra-super-gravity-defying OE feet + platform stiletto pumps or just go for standard ankle cups to allow for a variety of footwear.

If I do this right, it’s going to be such a silly, awesome body, outrageously stylized, but also functional as a toy. Stay tuned for updates on the Glamazon Project. Woo hoo!

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