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Today’s work on Epona

Today’s work on Epona published on 1 Comment on Today’s work on Epona

I cut off the legs of her new body [top piece] 1.5 cm up on the thigh above the highest point of the knee joint. I chose this body because, as is obvious, it’s discoloring into inconsistent hues and therefore ready for a repaint with her equine coloring.

Then I cut the lower legs off her original body [shown in this entry] at the same height on her original thighs. Results below.

I then temporarily hot glued legs to body. Miraculously enough, the cuts match up so well that I don’t need to lengthen or or shorten any pieces. I can just sculpt her parts together by covering them with Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Epona approves of her new body.

She also approves of her new outfit. 😀 I had to alter her vest, a wide piece from Mattel’s Rosie O’Donnell doll, by bringing in the sides a bit. I sewed! Go me!


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