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Couldn’t find my guts — had to make a doll instead.

Couldn’t find my guts — had to make a doll instead. published on No Comments on Couldn’t find my guts — had to make a doll instead.

One of the digital models I regret deleting from my hard drive was the viscera. They came both as a unit appropriate for attaching to the lower end of a severed torso and as separate bloody giblets. I sought them out back in my LHF days so that I could create a manananggal.

A manananggal is a Filipina vampire. She detaches from her lower body at night and, sprouting bat-like wings, flies around, using her hummingbird-like tongue to consume human flesh and blood, particularly that of fetuses and/or pregnant women. During the day, she reunites with the rest of her body and seems in every way to be a regular human being. Though an etymological and folkloric cousin of the penanggalan, the manananggal differs from the penanggalan because the latter has a Malay origin and also detaches at the neck, rather than the base of the torso.

Anyway, the vampire society of LHF divided itself into clans based on shared racial/ethnic, socioeconomic or cultural identities, so I enjoyed researching vampiric humanoid creatures from around the world and incorporating them in the storyline. One of the people I invented was Cory, a teenage manananggal who was rather lost and lonely because she didn’t have a clan, though she was in the process of trying to draw one together.

Here’s Cory in her initial digital form, though her viscera do not show here. And here’s a close-up. Here she is talking to Will, one of the LHF protagonists, and being a goof while showing off her slurping abilities. ^_^ You can see the dearly departed guts in this render. And here’s my attempt at moving her from the digital realm to the 1:6 scale realm. See below in front row at far left:

Now, years later, I rather miss Cory, who never got a chance to show up in LHF. Also, as I’ve stated, I no longer find Janvier Jett interesting as a character, so I have been trying to sell her or repurpose her. Therefore I’ve been wondering what to do with her, perhaps incorporating my long-term interest in the IOS Infernale [aka "Tonsil Hockey Part Two"]. While no longer in stock on IOS’ site [sob sob], Infernales show up regularly on the DOA marketplace, so they are obtainable. Naturally, my longing for Cory, my lack of interest in Janvier Jett and my desire for an Infernale are now converging in a plot to render Cory in resin with an Infernale head on a modified Angelsdoll massive girl body supplied by Janvier Jett.

If I were to inresinate Cory, she would require the most extensive mods that I have ever executed in resin. She would need the following:

  • Body severed at the lower torso. That means an amputation from probably the hip crests down and the creation of some sort of plug to anchor the elastic coming down from her neck hole.
  • Viscera! This entails the creation of some things that look slimy and squishy enough to be recognized as intestines etc., without being so realistic that they gross me out. I’m thinking some squeezy stress balls [I know that they are made in at least the shape of livers] for various organs and scrunchie covers for intestines. Would still need something for kidneys…
  • A protective cover for her guts. Probably a plastic storage bag. 😀
  • Bat wings. These exist in all shapes and sizes, but I wouldn’t go for ones developed for a 60-70cm doll because they would take up too much room and make her back-heavy. Instead I’d go for small stylized wings and just tell myself that she can propel herself through their air on them by magic. :p
  • Swappable tongues: a resting tongue for when she’s not eating and a poseable sucking tongue for when she’s hungry. Thin opaque red plastic tubing with wire inside maybe…
  • Facial piercings. She has a two eyebrow rings, a nose ring and rings through either corner of her mouth.
  • Eye mods. Tonsil Hockey Part Two is really squinty. I’d like to open the lids a bit.

Several things are keeping me from jumping immediately on this project. First, I have no available funds. Second, I have one more payment to make on Polly. Third, I need to save for Muggins. Fourth, I have many other doll projects on deck: my 1:6 scale scratch-built head sculpting, the Glamazon project, Gloravnia’s completion [mods, faceup, outfit], Yamarrah’s completion [torso and arm mods, restoration of headcap currently with Mirodoll for color matching], Doctor Z’s do-over, Peter’s walker, etc., etc., etc. I also have a lack of shelf space, but I consider that a minor detail. :p

So many dolls, so little time!

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