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Slightly updated digital Jareth

Slightly updated digital Jareth published on No Comments on Slightly updated digital Jareth

Changes from last render, in no particular order:

  • Different glasses, actually cat’s-eye this time
  • Added custom morph for bulge in pants [I made it with a D-Form/magnet]
  • Added collar
  • Added boots
  • Made hair lie more realistically

The collar should just be plain leather with a padlock, and the boots should have exceptionally high heels and platforms. [I’m waiting to see if I can resuscitate my clothing conversion utilities to make him appropriate outfits.] But I guess you can’t always get what you want…

Sources: Jareth is a Daz Michael 3 base with a combination of M3 head/body morphs and Capsces’ Brom head/body morphs [and a morph for the pants bulge that I did myself]. Skin texture base and most of the make-up is from kaiZ’s V3 Beauty Kit, with eyeliner elements from etomchek and PureEnergy’s Stardust. Second skin outfit is generated from zew3D’s Clother for V3, specifically Naughty Pack 2 [harnesses], Casual Pack 4 [jeans] and Casuals Pack 3 [camisole]. Boots are from Uzilite’s Sade. Hair is Daz/AprilYSH’s Amarseda. Glasses are Slosh’s SPEX for Genesis. Collar is a freebie from 3-d-c. Background is a freebie by propschick. Poses is one of Victoria 4’s defaults, tweaked slightly by me.

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