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50 Shades of Bilge: part deux

50 Shades of Bilge: part deux published on No Comments on 50 Shades of Bilge: part deux

All right, individuals, it’s time for another installment in 50 Shades of Meh!

When we last left off, I was on page 11. Let’s see how far I get today…

P. 12: "You sound like the ultimate consumer."

Anna makes this observation after a string of control freaky observations on Christian’s part. I think she’s onto something here.

Christian is an extremely materialist individual who wishes to possess the newest, latest, most expensive objects. He also believes that he can possess people by controlling their finances, as he does with his ex-domme [owning a stake in her salon chain] and ex-sub [bankrolling her therapy]. If he can’t control people financially, he attempts to create bonds of obligation between them and him with extravagant gifts — he gives Ana first editions of Tess of the d’Urbervilles, as well as a phone, a computer, a few cars, etc., etc.

Do we notice a pattern here? Christian substitutes economic transactions for emotional intimacy. Everything has a price, and he’s willing to pay it to create attachments between him and other people. He really doesn’t know about the giving and receiving of oneself that forms a non-obligatory, mutually enjoyable, emotionally based relationship.

In other words, this interview that Ana’s conducting gives Christian opportunity after opportunity to advertise his complete unsuitability as a romantic partner. But who cares? He’s hot!

P. 13: "’Are you gay, Mr. Grey?’ … How can I tell him I’m just reading the questions? Damn Kate and her curiosity!"

Again, Ana — you chose to ask this question. Kate did not force you. You are not being impelled by forces outside of your control, but by your own damn self. Stop  having an external locus of control.

…Okay, I got up to page 19.

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