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Evethecat is making humanoid dolls!

Evethecat is making humanoid dolls! published on No Comments on Evethecat is making humanoid dolls!

Check out all their neat prototypes! Here is a 1:12 scale doll, 15cm of 3D printed voluptuousness. And here are some 1:6 scale, 3D printed dolls, one of which I WANT.

Over in the therianthropic category, we have an angel [scale unknown] with articulated feathers on her wings. We also have Fantasy Girl, who has swappable therianthropic parts, including a human form, a satyr form [horns, pointy ears, clawed hands, hooves] and a mermaid form [webbed hands and articulated tail].

I’ll be watching this company. I love their designs.

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