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Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 02/09/2014

Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 02/09/2014 published on No Comments on Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 02/09/2014

Saturday’s Valentine’s meetup of Chittenden County Doll Club attracted a total of eight doll enthusiasts, as well as at least two hangers-on who did not come with dolls. In any event, the turnout represents the most populous meetup of CCDC ever, not only in terms of people, but in terms of dolls [somewhere north of 25]. Onto the pictures!

Addie, a new attendee, heard about CCDC from the blog and traveled over an hour and a half to make it! Now that’s dedication…

She brought, from top to bottom, a Pullip make-your-own [in progress], a Taeyang [Pullip’s boyfriend] and a hybrid of a Little Pullip head on a 27cm Obitsu body. Her Pullip make-your-own has an actual little clock for her right eye, though this was difficult to capture on film. The Little Pullip head looks exceptionally cute on a larger, more articulated body than usual. Faceups by Addie.

Dolly Lover, also a newcomer, brought, from top to bottom, her own Pullip/27cm Obitsu hybrid and a lovely Volks Dollfie Dream Miko.

From top to bottom, Sardonix and Submit showed up with me. Sardonix, a Cerebrus Project Juri 2006 head on modded Shinydoll Thaasa body, is holding a bizarre marshmallow rose that I purchased among my Valentine’s Day props. Submit [Elfdoll Kathlen awake], using two little decks procured by Lyrajean, obviously thinks that double the skateboards must be double the fun.

Two entirely scratch-built mini BJDs accompanied Megan. The smaller, a ~1:12 scale action figure dude from an unspecified anime, boasted double jointing and impressive stability for someone so small. He even fit in Megan’s pocket, though that’s obviously not how she transported him. The larger of the dolls, a 1:6 scale elf, visited for the second time.

Lyrajean chose some familiar favorites [well, familiar at least to CCDC regulars] to bring with her. From top to bottom, there was her Customhouse Petite Ai Sariel, Volks Yo-SD Kira, Alchemic Lab Unoa Sist and Volks sleeping School Head A [nodding off over Dating For Dummies, apparently!]. New to the meetup was her Volks F10 [last photo].

goldi’s hordes joined the party too. From top, they were Fairyland LittleFee Bonnie, Soom Milo head on Soom Adamelli body and Volks Dollfie World Cup 02 head on a Volks SD13 body [getting some Valentine’s action in the form of a chocolate date].

vermont chick selected a bunch of dolls to accompany her. From top, they were Volks Super Dollfie Cute Sora, Iplehouse nYID Olivia and Iplehouse nYID Andrew.

PurpleKiss101 towed along, from top, her Impldoll Iris [harassed by Lyrajean’s mischievous Little Lalaloopsies in second photo], Iplehouse The Addiction Vampire Lisa and the terminally unhappy Crobidoll Yeonho [shown at center of last photo]. Despite his valiant efforts to get a life, his tiny vampire boss literally cut on his first date…

Group shot of all the small populations in attendance!

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