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Welcome back, Jennifer!

Welcome back, Jennifer! published on No Comments on Welcome back, Jennifer!

Having made a digital me and a digital Jareth, I thought today that I should complete the population and make a digital Jennifer [and also a digital Allyson, but mostly a digital Jennifer]. As I paged through the Daz Web site, looking for appropriate clothes and hair, I asked myself why I wanted to drop money on digital content, a minor medium in my artistic life, when I could have an actual doll of her to go along with my Jareth doll.

There have been Jennifer dolls before — a Soom Uyoo and then an Obitsu Gretel — but this one would actually look like her. I could use my Angelsdoll massive girl body as an approximation of her fat, stocky frame and, since I’m so good at it in 1:6 scale, I could slap some 1:3 scale fats on there if I wanted. YAY FAT DOLLS!!!

Of course, the catch is the head. It would have to be another custom one, like Jareth’s was, because no BJD company offers fat headsculpts. It’s also somewhat complicated by the fact that Jennifer’s physical appearance has changed over the years to more closely resemble mine, so she needs to be close enough to me to look like me, but not so close so that she looks like a doll of me. And, of course, there’s the money…

Well, anyway, I do have a digital me that I could use as a base for a digital Jennifer, just to see if I could get a similar, but not identical, result. If I can generate an accurate digital Jennifer and find a doll company that will do a custom head from an .obj file for a reasonable fee, my Jareth doll could soon have a Jennifer doll to harass hang out with!

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