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Genius discovers the power of lights and shaders in Daz!

Genius discovers the power of lights and shaders in Daz! published on No Comments on Genius discovers the power of lights and shaders in Daz!

Yesterday I got serious about brightening up my scenes a little bit and seeing what all this shader business was about. I copied some portrait lights from a freebie I downloaded [renapd’s A3Dolls sets] and forced them to yield functional results. Woo hoo!

After that I entertained myself with shaders, installing the Daz defaults, as well as Fuseling’s Sci Fi Dark Mats and Latex and Rubber for DS, both of which I got from Renderosity. The Sci Fi mats do really cool things like apply various neon glows, crackly alien metal effects and organic slime textures. The latex and rubber mats have various patterns, glossinesses and transparencies. I spent a long time last night fiddling with the shaders. I think I could probably layer shaders and achieve something like alien, slimy, semi-transparent, super-glossy, leopard print, lime green latex, but I’m not up for creating glowing snot effects yet. :p

There are a lot of jokes to be made about my indiscriminate use of shaders, one or two of which may show up on this blog.

In other news, latex can either be a) a mark-up language [LaTex], b) a naturally occurring emulsion of micropolymer molecules in an aqueous solution exuded by plants to prevent being eaten or c) a synthetic plastic. The term can also refer to unvulcanized rubber. The overlapping Venn diagram of definitions of latex is in no way confusing. :p …Well, except for the LaTex mark-up language, which always makes me think of brightly colored, stretchy, bouncy equations. ^_^

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