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She looks like a fat Pippi!

She looks like a fat Pippi! published on No Comments on She looks like a fat Pippi!

I just bought Nursoda’s original Poser figure Vila this morning. Designed to be a small winged fairy, she comes with textures, hair, dress, wings, facial expressions and poses. I wasn’t in the market for her, but I picked her up because of her adorably stylized features, her lovingly sculpted fats and her similarity to Pippi Longstocking.

Upon getting Vila, I scaled her up, reduced the size of her head and gave her a full outfit, naming her Penni. Cuteness ensued. ^_^

Figure, skin texture, dress model and pose: Nursoda’s Vila. "Bodysuit" second skin texture and dress texture: Sickleyield and Fuseling’s Sci Fi Shaders. Bracers: from freebie Journeyer Scout outfit [by Daz/MAB/WillDupree] in Genesis Starter Content for Daz, shaded with Sickleyield and Fuseling’s Latex and Rubber Shaders. Gaiters: from Shadow Dancer for V4 by Daz/Lourdes/Xena, shaded with Wilmap’s Lace Designs 3. Shoes: Small Sins Trainers from freebie outfit for H3 of same name by Adzan.

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