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All G2F, all the time!

All G2F, all the time! published on No Comments on All G2F, all the time!

I moved all my main Daz dolls [me, Jareth and Jennifer] from the Genesis base to the Genesis 2 Female base. I have loads of gen 4 [Victoria 4] content that, for some reason, skips a generation [i.e., Genesis 1] and autofits on G2F much better than on G1. I assume this is because the lack of breasts on G1 messes up the V4 > G1 refit, while the presence of breasts on both V4 and G2F makes conversions much less painful.

Anyway, despite the presence of breasts on the default G2F shape, I can turn the figure into Jareth, who does not have breasts, without a problem. I assume the process will work for any minor characters — for example, Win and Frederick  — that I decide to port over from G1.

I’ve finally attained my long-awaited goal of 3-D digital people: a single base mesh that can encompass a vast diversity of body shapes AND fit pretty much anything on the market while doing so. Daz’ autofit feature allows the G2s [G2F and Genesis 2 Male {G2M}] to stretch the mesh of any outfit designed for them so that it will fit pretty much any combination of shaping morphs. Autofit also lets G2F wear G2M’s clothes and vice versa without expensive conversion processes. YAY EVERYONE CAN SHARE CLOTHES!

…In practice, of course, this means, “YAY I CAN ACCURATELY RENDER JARETH’S WARDROBE!” :p Just like the BJD version of him, the digital version of him demands vast and expensive quantities of clothing. Everyone else hangs around in jeans and T-shirts, which I think would cause Jareth Toxic Shock Syndrome if he put them on, and he wants masquerade-worthy get-ups. I’m certainly not complaining, though, because clearly I like playing dress-up.

Tangentially on the topic of masquerades, I just picked up GreyCloudDesign’s Montespan Interior Scene, mostly ’cause of the exquisite fainting couch. Makes me want to do some scene involving this set, the Totally And Completely Unrelated to Interview With a Vampire — Hah Hah Who Are You Kidding?!!! There’s No Copyright Infringement Here! Lestat de Lioncourt Suit for G2M and Chris Cox’ freebie Rococo gear [dress, textures and appropriately decorated wig] for V3/V4. Come to think of it, the two outfits complement each other well. I just need an excuse to get me into the first and Jareth into the second, as there’s no way I’m wearing something I can’t sit down in.

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