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New digital stuff I can’t wait to use

New digital stuff I can’t wait to use published on No Comments on New digital stuff I can’t wait to use

…But have to wait to use anyway, as my compooper is off in the shop, having its screen replaced.

  • Montespan Interior Scene by GreyCloudPublishing. Jareth’s fainting couch!
  • Flying Cadet Lola Pepper by Val3DArt. Besides dolls and robots, I apparently also have a weakness for gloriously impractical jetpack gear, of which this set is not my first. My favorite details here include the helmet with wings and ear trumpet, the uselessly cog-decorated vambraces and especially the hotpants with dynamite belt [a truly inspired touch!]. The helmet, vambraces and leggings go to robots, the top and dynamite shorts to — who else? — Jareth.
  • L’Arahna for V4 by Val3DArt. No human/spider hybrid dolls allowed in the house? No problem! I’ll acquire digital ones instead. Though I strongly object to the fact that the arachnid portion has eyes and fangs right below where the human portion meets it, I can deal with it. I’m thinking that I’ll use the arachnid portion as a robotic mobility aid for a character with a disability anyway, so maybe the eyes can be headlights or buttons or something. ["Wait — let me just hit the LEG RETRACT button…"] As a bonus, the package includes a heavily laced underbust corset and matching bracers.
  • Mildred Busybody by Tempesta3D and lunchlady. I don’t buy lots of characters, i.e., morph and texture packages, as I prefer to digitally sculpt my characters on my own using various morphs and then use one of my all-purpose textures on them. But sometimes it’s love at first sight, and I absolutely have to acquire someone. Mildred Busybody, with her caricatured features full of personality and her realistically aged texture, caught my eye in this way. This is exactly my sort of aesthetic, and it’s fabulous!
  • FWRD Aikaterine by FWDesign and renapd. I love this character’s face, especially the chin and the nose, plus the way they work together with the lips. As soon as I saw her, I said to myself, "Wow, she needs to gain about 200 pounds, and then she’d look awesome!" She would also look very cool in combination with Mildred Busybody.

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