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Digital wigs, here I come!!!!!

Digital wigs, here I come!!!!! published on No Comments on Digital wigs, here I come!!!!!

I finally sprang for PhilC’s Hair Designer, which is basically a hair construction kit, containing morphable straight and curly units of hair in various lengths, with which one can assemble one’s own digital styles, either props or conforming figures. The resultant products may be redistributed as freebies, if I ever feel like it.

I’m so very excited! I have many ideas for digital wigs to create, thereby filling grievous voids in the universe of 3D content. For example:

  • the Goblin King’s hair from Labyrinth
  • a decent Farrah Fawcett ‘do
  • Pippi Longstocking braids
  • a detailed mullet with lots of feathering along the sides
  • a true Gibson Girl bouffant
  • 1980s hair with bangs fixed into a fluffy wave with hairspray, sides held back from face with barrettes
  • a center parted wedge cut, longer in front than in back, with bangs and a buzzed nape
  • straight, shoulder-length, center-parted hair with sufficient volume, bangs and an integrated headband
  • my hair 3 weeks after shaving it: sticking out straight and soft about a half an inch in all directions
  • a fantastical pompadour-like ‘do that can rise and expand to truly comical heights and widths

I’m also excited just to play around with the hair units to see what sort of hair sculptures I can make. Amazing hair experiments appear, for example, both on high fashion runways and on the heads of creative women of color, giving me many ideas. The integration of props adds whole new avenues of possibility. I love the way, for example, that Neftis’ Wiccanya Hair Pack includes trees and horns. Hmmm…

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