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Stuff I ordered from the Daz store, but then forgot about, but which I’d like to use.

Stuff I ordered from the Daz store, but then forgot about, but which I’d like to use. published on No Comments on Stuff I ordered from the Daz store, but then forgot about, but which I’d like to use.
  • 3 Piece Suit for D3. Part of my ongoing quest to find a decent suit for everyone…
  • Air Bike. Probably illegal, but prevalent, in Intellectum.
  • Alien Plants. Big plans for these never materialized…
  • Basic Hair. A short, clean style, more attractive than it looks on the product page.
  • Bus Maxis and Bus Pegasus. I’m beginning to think that everyone in Intellectum gets around on petipet machines.
  • BWC Runway. Jareth wants to have a fashion show.
  • Classic Deco. I’ve used the chairs, but that’s it.
  • Daz Squirrel. Will eat any French fries my runtime has to offer.
  • Daz Water Pump and Grain Silo. Plop a stove-in barn next to the silo, and it’ll look just like Vermont! …Anyone know where I can get a collapsing barn?
  • Disconsolation. A waterfront set that demands atmospheric fog and low lighting.
  • DM Time Shadows. Ye Olde Genericke Machines by Danie and Marforno, who do great moody environments. Good background for the Wrathful Scientists, now that I think of it.
  • Epic Wings. Amazingly enough, almost properly scaled for actual use by human beings.
  • Fly Girl. Another thing for which I had big plans that never materialized.
  • Generic Sci Fi Corridor. Another possible location for the Wrathful Scientists.
  • Hilly Surround. Showed up in my renders of Intellectum’s Fink, but dropped back into obscurity.
  • Home One Bathroom. Whoops, I forgot I had that…and I explicitly bought it to easily add a fully stocked w.c. to my runtime.
  • If You Build It Picket Fence. In case I need to render a representation of the American Dream Lie.
  • Newport Outfit. How did I forget that I bought a modern, realistic, pretty generic outfit? Ah I see…I got it as a bundle and only paid attention to certain items in the bundle.
  • Interiors The Model Agency. Purchased as an inexpensive, fully stocked office interior and then…summarily forgotten.
  • Lune Portail. This could work as a cemetery gate.
  • Maple Tree Pack 1. Big plans for these were only half executed.
  • Mediterranean Patio. For al fresco dining. I have a lot of these Nouschka Design sets that I got as freebies the first time I was in Platinum Club; they don’t get out much.
  • Neo Stop. A regular fixture in Intellectum.
  • Noggin’s Duck Mallard. Purchased when I wanted to reproduce in 3D the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in Boston Public Garden. The duckling poses are hilarious.
  • Ranaki. Now that I’ve finally figured out how to convert those frog legs to G2F, I can redo Grenk.
  • Regenerator. I bet the Wrathful Scientists have one of these in their shack lab.
  • Sculptural Genesis Ultra Fun Kit. Time to put lampshades on people’s heads!
  • Shackled! The more I stare at this set, the more I realize that I would only use pieces as background props in a stereotypical medieval dungeon. I could never put people in chains; it reminds me too much of the Middle Passage.
  • Shelter. Wait a minute — this comes with snow? How did I miss that?
  • Space Base. You know, just in case anyone needs to go to the moon.
  • Skulduggery. Really cool bodysuit and makeup effects!
  • Technopolis. A whole neighborhood of Intellectum! Swanky, new, rich…
  • The Conservatory. I dunno — looks like a greenhouse to me…
  • Time Traveler. Exposed wires — coooooool.
  • Tubo Hotel. Probably not a hotel, but a makeshift community near Intellectum’s dump, constructed with abandoned sewer construction materials.
  • Versailles Tail. The less gravity-defying cousin of the pompadour.
  • Unicycle Bob. What the hell is this? Who knows? But it’s by petipet, which means that it probably belongs in Intellectum.
  • Waste Container. Probably a part of the Intellectan shanty town next to the dump.
  • Wynter Hair. That built-in headgear probably picks up radio signals or something.

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