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Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 08/23/2014

Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 08/23/2014 published on No Comments on Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 08/23/2014

Yesterday CCDC welcomed its largest complement of attendees ever! A whole dozen of us attended, including newcomers Pink and their husband [from Maine] and Pink’s friend from Quebec [who doesn’t have any dolls…yet]. We spent the entire extended duration [noon to 4:00 PM] talking dolls, posing and photoing them, in between side conversations about mutual interests such as Monster High, Internet-based cartoons and fursuits. As far as I can tell, everyone enjoyed themselves. 😀

DollyLover brought, from top to bottom, her Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite Miko, an Ichimatsu doll, a Volks Dollfie Dream Sister Mayu and her Jun Planning Pullip head on an Obitsu body. The Ichimatsu doll, made of composition, comes from Japan. Made in 1940, it’s CCDC’s first antique doll in attendance.

Cheyna, DollyLover’s sister, showed off the following, from top to bottom: Bleeding Edge Goth Storm O. Misery x2, Mattel Monster High Cleo De Nile, Mattel Monster High Ghoulia Yelps [first edition!], Mattel Monster High Lagoona Blue [L] and Draculaura and another Draculaura.

Lyrajean brought, from top to bottom, the following: Volks Chiyo, Volks Date Masamune being angsty, Volks Masha, Customhouse Petite Ange Yuriel [left] and Volks Yo-SD Kira [right], Customhouse Petite Ange Sariel.

vermont chick provided the last photo, a group shot, showing [from left] Lyrajean’s Volks Chiyo, as well as her Alchemic Lab Unoa Sist. Next to the Unoa, there are some of vermont chick’s Fairyland MiniFees [from left]: Sarang, Lishe and Mirwen.

vermont chick arrived with many Fairyland MiniFees and one Soom Super Gem. From top to bottom, they were as follows: Fairyland MiniFee Mirwen [left] and Soom Super Gem Quartz, Fairyland MiniFee Chloe, Fairyland MiniFee Mirwen, Fairyland MiniFee Sarang and Fairyland MiniFee Lishe.

Accompanying Megan were two dolls that she made. From top to bottom, there was Lucy, a 1:6 scale OOAK ball-jointed robot art doll, and an unnamed 1:6 scale OOAK ball-jointed male doll, of which she has only done the head and hands. Megan says that the male doll is going to be muscular in physique.

Shannon showed up with a bunch of Mattel Monster Highs and a Mattel Ever After High that she customized. From the top, they are as follows: Mattel Ever After High Blondielocks [left] and Mattel Monster High Operetta [right], Mattel Monster High Venus McFlytrap and Mattel Monster High Skelita. Shannon made all the outfits and even beaded Skelita’s dress [a flapper costume in progress].

I brought Flower, my Soom Faery Legend Kremer, at left in the first photo below, hanging out with vermont chick’s Soom Mega Gem Quartz, who has some similar features. The photo below that shows Yamarrah, my Iplehouse Doria The Addiction head on a modded Domuya body with Mirodoll bust piece and Soom Topaz fairy hands.

vermont chick took the last shot in this section, showing, from left, Shannon’s Mattel Monster High Howleen, Polly [my Elfdoll Kathlen head on an Asleep Eidolon 1:6 scale mature mermaid body] and Flower [my Soom Faery Legend Kremer].

Melface brought, from top, a natrume Misha Collins head on an Immortality of Soul 80cm body, Iplehouse Benny on the JID muscular body, Soom Aphan [left] and Fairyland LittleFee Lewi [right], Doll Leaves Royal [left] and DollZone Raphael [right], Doll Leaves Ada [left] and Souldoll Cubarem [right].

Pink traveled all the way from Maine with quite a few BJDs. From top, they were as follows: Cerebrus Project Yder, Soom Beyla [modded by Pink to have extra arms], Angell Studio Leira Halloween version, closeup of same, DearMine Oriental Siamy Lycoris [to the right of Lyrajean’s Hujoo Freya]. The last two photos show their Cerebrus Project Chiwoo head on Dream of Doll DOI body with Soom Chalco hooves. Mod job and “fur pants” by Pink!

Now that I’ve compiled all this information into a single post, I feel like I need a nap!

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