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Closeup of the Mad Doll

Closeup of the Mad Doll published on No Comments on Closeup of the Mad Doll

Shown yesterday in a long shot, she appears today in closeup.

The big-eyed anime look becomes her. I was thinking of modding Janvier Jett’s head to have a movable mouth, but Janvier Jett’s proportions are too realistic. There’s an out-of-print Volks head with a cute little skijump nose that would be perfect, if I could just remember the number of the sculpt.

I’ve been wondering in the back of my mind how to hack a movable mouth out of a resin head.

Tonsil Hockey or Mad Doll? Hmmmm…

EDIT: Yup, here’s the Volks head I’m referring to: the discontinued F05 [old F08].

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