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I’m a genius! I made a sit morph!

I’m a genius! I made a sit morph! published on No Comments on I’m a genius! I made a sit morph!

Yes! I created a sitting morph for Neftis’ Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F. I love this Gothy, neo-Rococo dress, but its inability to sit realistically has prevented me from using it.

After grumbling in quiet frustration for several months because I thought my skills were not equal to the task of making the dress sit, I finally decided to attempt the creation of a sitting morph. And I succeeded!

I made the morph entirely in Daz with D-Forms because that’s the method of modeling with which I feel most comfortable. I even minimized distortion of the bat ornaments all over the skirt. Go me! I’m amazing!

Jareth cheers in happiness below.

Credits: the usual for Jareth’s model, morphs, texture, makeup and glasses. Hair: Aliza for G2F by meeeeeeee! Dress: Lady de Lioncourt for G2F by Neftis3D. Pose and expression: meeeeeeee! Set: GreyCloudDesign’s lovely and luxurious Montespan Interior Scene.

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