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Dollism Plus: booty

Dollism Plus: booty published on No Comments on Dollism Plus: booty

Janna’s and my registrations got us bags with the Dollism logo, in which we found some of the stuff below, including badges, advertising postcards, socks from Ruby Red Galleria, etc.

The Ruby Red Galleria business card especially entertained me.

The Spiritdoll card I picked up shows a vaguely pornographic shot of their 1:2 scale limited edition Alice.

The Dollism programs included a Loongsoul ad with Gong Gong, one of the raffle prizes, at the top of the page.

Freebie Dollheart 1:4 scale, MSD size boots from my swag bag.

Freebie Dollheart 1:3 scale, SD size boots from Janna’s swag bag.

The only doll-related money Janna and I spent at the convention went to raffle tickets. Janna, of course, doesn’t do BJDs, but she bought 40 [!] raffle tickets for me [a dollar apiece], while I purchased 25 for myself. We put most of our tickets in the drawing for the Loongsoul Gong Gong, the most expensive and most popular prize.

The rest of my tickets I distributed amongst items that I thought looked remotely intriguing and/or useful, including Angell Studio chibi resin animals [cute], Island Doll Norse Myth Leprechaun [body mod fodder], Ruby Red Galleria Honee-B fullsets [cute], faux fur wig grab bags by Funny Lori [wig making fodder] and the Cookie fullset by the Trinket Box.

And then, in the most surprising development, I actually won some of this stuff! Not just one lot, but three! I won two grab bags of wigs and the Trinket Box Cookie.

I originally planned extreme modification on Cookie, making her a marionette doll with a movable jaw. But then, for once in my life, I felt compunctions about customizing a fullset doll for my own aesthetic ends. She’s not my style or my scale at all, but apparently there are people out there who find this type of sculpt and this type of outfit attractive to the extent that they pay serious money for it. I’m thinking of selling or trading her. Anyone want a very smirky doll?

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