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Monster Mash render contest concept

Monster Mash render contest concept published on No Comments on Monster Mash render contest concept

Here we go!

"On Halloween, while humans dress up as demons, the demons themselves take off from scare duty. They trade their gloomy and ghastly rags for the brightest, most modern duds they can find and kick up their heels, celebrating that one night of the year during which the humans have assumed the monsters’ usual task of freaking people out. [Nobody ever claimed that demons could coordinate their separates, however.]"

Actual picture contains a bunch of demons people circled around a woman. Some audience members are clapping, some talking, some getting their groove on. There are also people playing bodhrans and panpipes. The woman at the center is dancing with eyes closed, an expression of joyful abandon on her face. Everyone wears casual, everyday clothes — T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, jeans — but nobody’s clothes match. [This is a job for Loud Fabrics 01, 02 and 03 shaders! ^_^ ]

Base figure is going to be G2F. Paid items are going to be GenX2 [how I get my morphs all onto a single base figure] and V4 for G2F [so I can use Gen4 skins on G2F].

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