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Shapes of Reality I: Yelizaveta

Shapes of Reality I: Yelizaveta published on No Comments on Shapes of Reality I: Yelizaveta

Today I practiced using Sculptris on my base figure, Genesis 2 Female. A day’s work generated a head morph and a full-body morph which, together, create Yelizaveta, the character below. I did the major work on the head morph in Sculptris, then refined it in Daz Studio with Die Trying’s 182 Morphs for G2F. I did the body morph entirely in Daz Studio with D-Formers and refinement with Die Trying’s 182 Morphs for G2F.

I originally started in Sculptris with the idea that I was going to make a morph so that G2F could resemble a Jumeau bebe doll. Along the way, the concept shifted toward something more realistic. As usual, my penchant for strong features came to the fore, and I added a square jaw, a heavy, pointed chin and a broad face. I’m so sick of smooth, generic, undifferentiated characters that look pretty much like the base G2F that I wanted to do something different. No subtle changes for me — I wanted to obviously and significantly alter the mesh in the pursuit of a character with actual personality.

So here’s the default Genesis 2 Female figure on the left and Yelizaveta on the right:

Sources: Genesis 2 Female base figure with Bree texture for Victoria 5. Tandy Hair by AprilYSH. Kids 4 Basic Wear T-shirt and shorts from Genesis Starter Essentials. Top shaded with my Loud Fabrics 02 Shaders. Shorts shaded with JGreenlees’ Jeans and Tees Shaders. Mytilus’ Free Sole hightops for V4. Pose from schlabber and cascarda’s Xpression for V3, tweaked by me.

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