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Petipet’s inspirations

Petipet’s inspirations published on No Comments on Petipet’s inspirations

This entry is probably relevant to exactly zero people who read this thing, but I’m keeping it for my own reference, as the thread on the Daz boards accumulating this information seems to have been eaten.

One of my favorite digital content makers, petipet, produces a vast array of fanciful land, sea, air, and space vehicles, along with a few structures, available at the Daz site. I have been collecting them [starting with Resort Lagoon last year] because of their low price [I got most as Platinum Club freebies], their meticulous sculpture, and their sense of humor. This person also clearly takes inspiration from recent and classic vehicles in movies and history, so identifying sources of inspiration is fun.

In no particular order, here are the influences I have discovered:

List will be updated as warranted.

EDIT: Oooh, I found a thread on the Daz boards identifying a few more inspirations!

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