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Fine! I’ll make my own David Bowie!

Fine! I’ll make my own David Bowie! published on No Comments on Fine! I’ll make my own David Bowie!

There’s no really good David Bowie morph out there for us digital art amateurs. Sure, there’s a free Jareth preset available for Michael 4 using Morphs++, but it kinda looks like Rod Stewart. So I decided to make my own [David Bowie, not Rod Stewart]. I went for a likeness from the Ziggy Stardust era, and, after a few hours with some free, redistributable morphs by Die Trying, as well as strategic use of D-Forms in Daz Studio, I achieved maybe an 80% likeness using the Genesis figure.





Almost all the work is courtesy of DieTrying’s 182 Morphs for V4, ported to Genesis by SickleYield, as well as some custom D-Forms by me. The only non-redistributable part is the Emaciated body morph, which comes with Genesis base, dialed up to 0.4.


Using Thorneworks' M4 Dryden texture here.
Using Thorneworks’ M4 Dryden texture here.





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