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Having fun with Ayana Doll

Having fun with Ayana Doll published on No Comments on Having fun with Ayana Doll

I discovered a new free standalone Poser figure recently, Ayana Doll, by Glidman. I think she’s very cute, despite her alarmingly bazooka-like default breasts, so I’ve been making some freebie stuff for her.


The vast array of breast morphs, tongue morphs, and extremely skimpy outfits provided with Ayana Doll clearly demonstrate that she is intended for stereotypical sexy pinup shit. In response to the presumed innocent and yet flirtatious personality implied by all the pinup accoutrements, I have deliberately made my Ayana Doll stand around coolly, making unimpressed sneers. She looks better that way.


I converted one of Ghastly’s freebie outfits, Freddy for Genesis, to her. Here she is with her default body shape, included texture, and included pose, all by Glidman. Shirt, shorts, and shoes originally by Ghastly, converted by me. Hair is Zero Gravity by StudioArtVartanian. Texture on the shirt from my Loud Fabrics 01 Updated shaders. Texture on the shorts from Denim Patterns by Jamie_B. Backdrop from my Bokehground Expansion Shaders.
promo2 copy
I also converted a T-shirt from Ghastly’s Loose and Casual Outfit for Genesis. Same texture, pose, hair, and backdrop as previous. T-shirt texture from Seamless Hot Pink Jersey Knit freebie by Agatha Paige.
Since yesterday, I’ve been working on a full-body fat/voluptuous morph for her. I’m calling her Yelizaveta. Since I don’t know how to create morphs for Poser-based figures [i.e., .cr2 files], this morph will be offered as a D-form/magnet preset. Same texture, pose, shirt, and hair as previous. Pants and shoes are from Glidman’s Ayana Doll Clothing Pack. Set is imaginary_house’s Junk Alley.
Much to my great delight, clothes can fit Yelizaveta if I first fit them to her base shape, then, with her selected, load the D-form preset. At that point Daz asks me if I want to apply the D-forms to anything else besides Yelizaveta. If I choose all her clothing items, then they expand to fit her. Freddy Outfit again…

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