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Still enjoying Ayana Doll…

Still enjoying Ayana Doll… published on No Comments on Still enjoying Ayana Doll…

I refined, packaged, and posted for download my curvy, chubby morph Yelizaveta for Glidman’s Ayana Doll. I think her wide, round, curving belly is my favorite part. Dang, she’s cute!

Here’s Ayana Doll with texture and pose by Glidman. Yelizaveta full-body morph by me, with some of Ayana Doll’s default breast morphs thrown in. Casual T-Shirt by Ghastly, converted by me. Freddy Shorts by Ghastly, converted by me, shaded with vyktohria’s Simply Latex DS Shaders. Zero Gravity Hair by StudioArtVartanian. Backdrop from my Bokehground Expansion Shaders.

yelizavetafinal02 yelizavetafinal03

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