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Mellifer do-over

Mellifer do-over published on No Comments on Mellifer do-over

I’ve always liked Soom’s 2008 May MD, Sard Night Odyssey, supposedly their attempt at a Taurus doll, who had hooves, horns, and wings before all the other dolls did. Though I never got this doll, I did get Soom Faery Legend Metato, a 1:6 scale version of Sard [“Diet Sard, now in fun size!”] without fantasy parts, in the form of Mellifer, who satisfies my desire for the headsculpt in a more portable, discreet rendition.


Anyway, since my active interest in BJDs has resurfaced in the past few days, I have been thinking back to my wishes earlier this year to restyle various dolls. I wanted to redo Mellifer then, but didn’t know how. Well, now I know — I will give him some hooves and horns, as well as a tail, so he can be a satyr like Sard Night Odyssey!


While many companies make hooved legs for dolls of all sizes, I’m not sure where I could procure some for Mellifer…

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