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VTDL attendance trends slowly upward

VTDL attendance trends slowly upward published on No Comments on VTDL attendance trends slowly upward

I did a scatter plot graph of attendance numbers for VTDL since its inception in August, 2011. Attendance seems to be slowly increasing; we seem to generally have about 5 attendees per meetup, which is a lot more than the 2 or 3 we regularly had in the first 12 months.



VTDL currently meets every other month with the exception of February, March, and April, during which we have Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, and spring/Easter themed meetups. I’m considering a switch to monthly meetups in hopes of attracting more people [or at least people who might not be able to come on an every-other-month schedule]. I’ve put the question out to the members of the VTDL E-mail list, and I’m waiting for replies.

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