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Today’s hair for Isabel

Today’s hair for Isabel published on No Comments on Today’s hair for Isabel

After recently determining that 3×5″ sample swatches of faux fur yield at least one, if not two, size 4 wigs apiece, I ordered some samples of versicolor faux fur. This is a multicolored pattern where, instead of appearing in discrete tufts or stripes, the various colors blend more organically in round-edged patches. The samples obtained from my preferred supplier, LuxuryFaux Fur on Etsy, have a surprisingly long pile, maybe about 4″, and fine, silky, high-quality fibers. I made Isabel wigs from two samples today: orange/pink/purple [top photo] and light pink/dark pink [bottom photo].

Orange/pink/purple is slightly styled with a center part and a small streak of light pink/dark pink pulled back from the forehead and held in place with a stitch. Because the fibers on the versicolor fur are so fine, they show the backing more easily, and the streak hides an area where the backing was showing through.
Here’s the light pink/dark pink wig. I really like the way that the colors blend with versicolor faux fur; on the light pink/dark pink example, the light pink works as highlights. I bet light brown/dark brown and light blond/dark blond versicolor would look pretty cool too. I just parted this one at the center seam…not sure if I’ll style it further.

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