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Jareth is ^_^ !

Jareth is ^_^ ! published on No Comments on Jareth is ^_^ !

It’s very hard to portray Jareth in this gender presentation without him looking preppy or hipsterish. That’s why I keep coming back to Luthbel’s G2M Horror Survivors Marius for the texture, hair, brows, and beard. It looks casual, weatherbeaten, and a little stylish [ref. sticky-uppy hair], but not really put-together.




Base figure is Genesis 2 Female. Base figure, morphs, texture, hair, brows, beard, and background are as seen here. Shirt and vest are from SickleYield and Marieah’s Morphing Business Suit for Genesis. Textures on both from their Just Chill texture expansion. Pants and boots [not shown] are from Nikisatez and DarkStarBurning’s G2M Urban Metro. Jewelry is V4 Bonellusion by Fabiana, shaded with vyktohria’s Perfectly Latex shaders. Pose is based on one of Sedor’s BWC Runway Poses for V5, with adjusted arms and head by me.

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