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Delmar salvaged

Delmar salvaged published on No Comments on Delmar salvaged

Finished cleaning Delmar today. Decided to retain all human [grey resin] parts, as well as yellow [probably once white] tailfin. I’m excluding her tail from hips to end joint, as they’re just so undetailed and poorly jointed that I wonder why Leekeworld even bothered. I plan to make Delmar a substitute tail of some more flexible material, but I am not sure what.

Delmar with salvaged parts. I left her arms blushed as I liked the effect and was worried about losing small pieces while scrubbing over the sink! Nice pale grey resin with a slight purple undertone. It may have sparkles in it; I can’t really tell. Her tail, which is over to the right, was probably a creamy white at one point, but has now yellowed to equal the shade of my Soom Romantic Uyoo. Really yellow.
Not usually a fan of the massive forehead and narrow, squashed nose and mouth, but I like it here. It makes her look crabby.

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