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Welcome back, Submit!

Welcome back, Submit! published on No Comments on Welcome back, Submit!

One of my most favorite dolls has always been the first inresination of Submit. I first purchased her as an Elfdoll Hana Devil back in March, 2007. This doll was a realistically proportioned 1:6 scale kid with four swappable faceplaces: neutral open-eyed, happy and smiling, pouting, and sleeping. As evidenced by my first photostory with her, she swiftly developed her own adorable, indomitable personality. Though I clearly enjoyed changing her expressions as needed, I quickly learned that the smirky one best reflected her general demeanor.


I sold Submit 1.0 just two months later to pay expenses, but always regretted getting rid of her. About a year and a half later, in November, 2007, I brought her back as another Elfdoll of the same size, but with a different headsculpt: Doona Kathlen. Obviously her personality is no different, but the Kathlen sculpt lacks that mischievous spark that so endeared me to Hana. It doesn’t perfectly represent Submit the way that the smirky Hana faceplate does.

Recently I got the idea to improve Submit’s articulation because, even though she’s excruciatingly cute in the headsculpt department, her body is just basic. While Delmar, a Leekeworld Gift Project Little Mermaid, suffers from laziness, Submit, by contrast, suffers from inadequately distributed focus. I seriously theorize that Rainmain expended so much creative energy on the expressive faceplates for Hana that he did a super basic, single-jointed body — functional but utterly pedestrian. The body also features some weird aesthetic choices, particularly a long, solid, unjointed torso, which, when combined with the short, stubby limbs, makes the doll imbalanced. On her original body, Submit can’t do much besides change expressions.

Thus I started thinking about either moving Submit’s head to a different body or hybridizing her to give her some better poseability. As I explore options for her upgrade, I realized that I would really rather have and upgraded Submit with a Hana sculpt instead of a Kathlen sculpt.

Just as I realized this, an Elfdoll Hana Angel [same as the Devil in all respects, except for the included costume] showed up on Ebay. I just won the auction, including the doll, all faceplates, default faceups, eyes, certificate of authenticity, and outfit [except for underwear] for a rockin’ $165.78 including shipping. Given that I paid somewhere around $350.00 for Submit the first time that I got her as an Elfdoll Hana, her current price is the equivalent of a significant discount!

Anyway, I’m still uncertain about how to improve her articulation, but at least I have the most appropriate headsculpt for Submit now. Welcome back, kiddo!

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