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Out drinking with Tomaeo and bros on a weeknight

Out drinking with Tomaeo and bros on a weeknight published on No Comments on Out drinking with Tomaeo and bros on a weeknight

Sometimes I put together outfits that are just so quintessentially Jarethian that they make me laugh out of happy surprise. This is one of them, to be seen in a photostory that occurs during Jareth’s casual night at the bar with Tomaeo, Russell, and Nero.  The title of this picture is Makeup Emergency — Jareth’s explanation for why he took a while in the bathroom. ^_^

From the top down: Jareth’s base model, morphs, custom mat zones, and base texture already discussed. AprilYSH’s Yolande Hair. neikdian’s G3F LIE Makeup Set and G3F Artistic Makeup Concepts, as well as ForbiddenWhispers and chevybabe25’s G3F High Fashion, for the makeup. Top from nathy’s V4 Sexy Babe, pointy nipple covers from Ed3DArt’s G3F Pinup Gynoid Phase 1, bottoms from powerage’s G3F Pletaix, Zev0 and DraagonStorm’s Gen1 Sheer Greatness, out of touch’s G3F Sexy Morphing Mary Janes. vyktohria’s Simply Latex shaders and ForbiddenWhispers’ Sheerly Great. Pose from Sedor’s BWC Runway, tweaked by me. Expression, lights, and super awesome background by me too.
These shorts encapsulate a lot of Jareth’s personality and style: playful, silly, sexy, and deliberately entertaining. They will never not be hilarious.

emergency03 emergency05

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