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Hey look — a mediocre picture of Never the Less!

Hey look — a mediocre picture of Never the Less! published on No Comments on Hey look — a mediocre picture of Never the Less!

I worked on Never the Less today. First I sanded down her stabby Nipples of Doom. I dressed her up, then decided that I should wire her arms. I took off her shirt and tried to shove wire into her arm channels, but the 3mm elastic filled up the holes.

I released the string running from neck to torso, took off the bust, and removed the 3mm elastic from the arms. Restringing her arms with 2mm elastic, I then easily fit wires in her arm channels. Then I had a big huge fight to bring her core elastic through her torso again and out her neck, as AOD apparently suffers an elastic shortage and so must string all dolls with the bare minimum.


I redressed her, then decided that she needed a bra. I took off her shirt, put on her bra, then put her shirt on. Then I had a big huge fight with her shoes, which, at 7cm inner measurement, were the exact length of her feet and thus a challenge to put on her.


Finally I gave her the brown frizzy wig from my collection of 1:3 scale stuff, restrung her mask with longer elastic to fit around her bulky wig, then collapsed in exhaustion. No, really, I just took a few pictures, only one of which came out any good.



Stabby Nipples of Doom notwithstanding, I really like the AOD 60cm body I got for her. High quality resin, aesthetically pleasing stylization, well-engineered and attractive jointing, decently balanced, easy to work with. Very affordable as well. AOD puts heads with an 8-9inch wig size on this body, but I think heads with a 7-8inch wig, like Never the Less’ work much better. I love this Souldoll Evelyn mask. It appeals to me more than the Souldoll Evelyn head itself because the mask is unpainted, so I can admire the sculpt all the more. The serene, thoughtful expression reminds me of graveyard statuary.


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