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Dolls that need work

Dolls that need work published on No Comments on Dolls that need work

For BJDs who bug me:

  • Delmar needs faceup, hair, restringing, and tail. Faceup stalled.
  • Fritillaria needs faceup, eyes, wig, outfit. Temporary outfit completed, faceup, eyes, and wig stalled.
  • Mellifer needs a complete do-over. Stalled.
  • Never the Less needs faceup, wig, clothes. Clothes done, working on wig, mask/faceup stalled.
  • Polly needs a seat belt. Stalled.
  • Thalia needs a shirt. Stalled.
  • Timonium needs a new wig cap and new hair. Working on wig cap. Done!
  • Touralyn needs a new body and clothes. Body in progress.

For Zombieville denizens:

  • Doctor Z needs her own body with appropriate neck. Ordered!
  • Sylvia needs a new fat body. New base body procured and cut down. Fats need sculpting.

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