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Just a touch of the cowpoke…

Just a touch of the cowpoke… published on No Comments on Just a touch of the cowpoke…

My friend drew a portrait of Jareth looking kind of like a cowboy. He and I liked the results so much that I reinterpreted them digitally.  Here’s what she did:


“Just a Touch of Cowboy,” SeventhBard, March, 2016.

And here’s my digital reinterpretation:

Mine is called “Cowpoke,” as that’s a gender-neutral term. 😀

Credits: Jareth figure and morphs as usual. Luthbel’s G2M Horror Survivors Marius texture, converted to G2F base UVs with Daz Studio’s Map Transfer, then applied to Jareth with CaymanStudio’s Legacy UVs for G3F: G2F Base. Head hair, sideburns, and mustache from Neftis and Cauchemar3D’s G2M Jack the Ripper Hair.

Brows and neckerchief from Luthbel’s G2M Horror Survivors Marius. Hat, shirt, pants, chaps, and boots from Lourdes’ K4 Cowpokes. Ravenhair’s Gen1 Dark Moods trench, converted with valzheimer’s G3F Wear Them All and SickleYIeld’s G3F Ultra Templates, and elleque’s A3 Mystery Huntress shoulder cape over that, ported up with EvilInnocence’s XD4 [it’s still CrossDresser to me, dammit!]. Shoulder cape subdued and draped with lola69’s DynCreator script. Shaders include Denki Gaka’s Nifty Knitting, JGreenlees’ Jeans and Tees, and parrotdolphin’s Soft Leather. Magic in his left hand from JeffersonAF’s FX for Daz Studio, shaded with Fisty’s Rainbows.

Pose mostly from ironman13’s G3M Casual Male, tweaked by me. Expression is all me. AgeofArmour’s amazing Old Barn for set, along with background from my Bokehground 2 Expansion, with lights from etujedi’s Outdoor Speed Lights.

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