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The one thing I miss about my previous base model

The one thing I miss about my previous base model published on No Comments on The one thing I miss about my previous base model

I’ve upgraded my most-used digital characters from the Genesis 2 Female base model to the Genesis 3 Female base model. The G3F model benefits from a vast array of facial “bones” that make subtle nuances of facial asymmetry and expressions easily achievable. This is mostly awesome!

I can make the model have all sorts of expressions, but I just can’t make it smile convincingly. The top lip doesn’t roll up and thin easily, and the corners of the mouth don’t become as deep and as pointy as they need to.


On the other hand, the Genesis 2 Female has expressions based on hand-crafted morphs. Some of my favorites include the correct nuances of lip flexion in smiles, creating results on G2F that G3F can’t come close to.


Here’s an example:



G2F base figure, Zev0 and DraagonStorm’s Skin Builder texture, with brows from Daz’ V5 Elite Valerie. A crapload of morphs, including G2F body morphs by Daz, V4 Morphia by Capsces Digital Ink, DieTrying’s 182 V4 Morphs ported by SickleYield, Zev0’s G2F Aging Morphs 2, and some other stuff I’m forgetting. Neftis’ V4 Digital Curlz with texture from SWAM’s G3M Jonas Hair, Daz’ K4 Basic Wear T with texture by me, Adzan’s H3 Small Sins pants [not shown], Dogz’ G2F Running Shoes 2 [not shown]. Utilities used include Dimension3D’s Genx2 for porting morphs and Zev0’s G2F Fit Control. Pose from Sedor’s G2F BWC Fashion. Expression from base G2F expressions, SimonWM’s G2F Expressions and Aniblocks, and AlFan and smay’s G2F Temptation and Drama. Background by me.


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