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Flashback to early renders

Flashback to early renders published on No Comments on Flashback to early renders

Oh ho ho, I just unearthed my renders from the short period during which LHF went digital. Some things have changed, and some have stayed the same. Examples and commentary below. All pictures can be clicked to be enlarged, though I’m not sure you’d want to.

First frame of LHF digital 1.1. Unless otherwise indicated, all of this is from spring, 2008. Will talking about his porn site. Things that haven’t changed: BDSM fashion, smirks, bad lighting, 50 shades of magenta, and the influence of David Bowie presiding over all. Things that have: This is a Victoria 3 base model [either that or David 3]. I use much newer models now.
Same episode. Anneka Elizabeth looming: “I’m bigger than you are.” Things that haven’t changed: lack of ceilings in sets, attempts at dramatic closeups, interest in corsetry and antigrav boobs. Things that have changed: people’s expressions from frame to frame, the sad, sad loss of this corset from my digital closet. T_T
Another episode. Things that haven’t changed: interest in digital dolls. Things that have changed: stiff, angular posing.

Another episode with Pippilotta [left] and Anneka. Things that haven’t changed: brightly colored sets made up mostly of freebies, humorous background signs, layers of clothing in truly meretricious taste. Things that have changed: use of depth of field.
Anneka and Will. Things that haven’t changed: continual incremental upgrading of main characters [Will’s base model and morphs differ here from the first shot shown], characters mostly standing around talking, tilted shots. Things that have changed: lighting.

Things that haven’t changed: occasional overexposure, interest in fetish gear.
Absinthe and Will. Things that haven’t changed: kinky characters, creative avoidance of having to do an entire set for background.

Things that haven’t changed: employment of primitives as crude set pieces. [The main motel, except for air conditioners and chairs in front, I made with primitives available in Daz Studio.]
Dom. Things that haven’t changed: replication of real-world locations [Boston Common in this case] in digital.

Things that haven’t changed: a predeliction for gravestone iconography.
Things that haven’t changed: a love affair with platform stilettos, inept compositing.
Will and Dom. I believe this is the frame in which Will utters the immortal line, “Never mess with a man in stilettos!” Things that haven’t changed: intentionally suggestive posing and framing.

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