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Time for new work clothes…

Time for new work clothes… published on No Comments on Time for new work clothes…

If I could afford to replace my entire wardrobe at once, which I can’t, I would probably get a bunch of the following: dress shirts, clip-on ties, vests, and pants. Ideally all the pants would be in tan, navy blue, black, and all the shirts would be in loud solids, like magenta, bubblegum pink, blood orange, carmine red, that sort of thing. If I could find a source for loud dress shirts for people with breasts, that would be a start…

EDIT: Someplace like this, Six Star Apparel and Uniforms, might satisfy my need for dress shirts and vests for people with breasts. Prices look reasonable too, and they even have plus sizes! Hmmm…

EDIT 2: Oooooh, I’ve just discovered Six Star’s mother lode of tacky, affordable vests!!!!!

Basic black! …And with a triangular pattern because it looks cooler!

Shiny gold floral with notched collar!

Dark red jacquard “symphony vest,” whatever that is!

Simple vest that comes in a variety of more and less obnoxious colors!

And my favorite, shiny purple stripes and polka dots!

Also dress shirts in a variety of colors!

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