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Damn, Jareth. Just…damn.

Damn, Jareth. Just…damn. published on No Comments on Damn, Jareth. Just…damn.

Sometimes I find things in the Daz catalog that translate with little alteration into Jareth’s aesthetic. Case in point below.

From head to toe… Jareth’s base, morph, and textures previously detailed. Makeup from ForbiddenWhispers’ G3F Extreme Closeup Smoldering Pastels, ForbiddenWhispers’ G3F Extreme Closeup Psychedelic, DraagonStorm’s G3F Instant Makeup, and Lully’s G3F LIE Makeup. Aeon Soul’s V4 Short and Crest Hair on top of StudioArtVartanian’s Gen1 Alpha Scalp, eyebrows from Arki’s G3F Lady Rune, earrings from Fabiana’s G3F Boho Life Jewelry, Biscuits’ V4 Slit Throat, wings from MAB and WillDupre’s Gen1 Popobawa, Bobbie25 and Sarsa’s G3F Deadly Intrigue outfit, hand deco from Fabiana’s V4 Bonellusion. Shaders include Glitter Shaders by meeeeee and vyktohria’s Simply Latex. Pose from ilona’s G2F/G3F Express Yourself, expression by meeeeeeeee. Imaginary_house’s Fantasy Tower Hallway for backdrop with my Bokehground Expansion tiles. Lights of questionable quality by meeeeeeeeeeee.


100% of people [i.e., me and Seventh Bard] surveyed in an extremely unofficial manner [i.e., “How hot is this?” / “Incredibly!”] agreed that this was friggin’ HAWT. This ensemble also has the added entertainment value of trying to pass itself off as a dress, when it’s clearly a long-line corset with stocking clips. It also includes a design element for which I apparently have a horrible weakness: namely, the long-sleeved bolero thing. Along with the gratuitous buttons, silly studs, visible underwear, unusually shaped platform pumps, and vials of poison [?!] in the thigh holsters, these traits definitely make the outfit deadly, insofar as viewers will die laughing at its absurdity. Therefore it epitomizes a combination of flamboyance, weirdness, and skimpiness, thus making it a quintessential choice for my alter ego.

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