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1:6 scale sock sweaters!

1:6 scale sock sweaters! published on No Comments on 1:6 scale sock sweaters!

I have been on a sewing kick recently, ever since I started working with DollsAhoy’s raglan sleeve sweatshirt pattern last weekend. I have made 4 sweaters so far. My small populations show them off below in chronological order from left to right.

From left to right: Dillon [in grey], Isabel [in purple], Peter [in black], and Steampink AJ [in pink, purple, yellow, and orange].
I started off with Andrea’s pattern at 100%; that’s Dillon’s shirt. The result works well for fashion dolls and dolls with frames like those of your average female action figure [like Dillon and Steampink AJ]. However, Isabel is no ordinary action figure. Thus the next 3 shirts are made with the pattern at 110%. Much better fit overall.

With sweater #1, the collar trim was eaten by the thick seams, so I made it higher for subsequent shirts. By the time shirt #4 rolled around, I had misplaced my modified collar pattern piece, so I just estimated, which is why it looks like a turtleneck.

With sweater #3, yes, Peter is in fact wearing a Christmas sweater with pictures of Christmas sweaters on it. How could I pass up the meta humor?! 😀

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