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Miscellaneous: new camera, sweater fronts, and Fiendish Device 2.0 pieces

Miscellaneous: new camera, sweater fronts, and Fiendish Device 2.0 pieces published on No Comments on Miscellaneous: new camera, sweater fronts, and Fiendish Device 2.0 pieces

I picked up a Canon PowerShot SX1001IS digicam yesterday so that I can take quick photos of my projects without having to set up my umbrella lights, tripod, white backdrop, and all my photostory shooting supplies. Apparently this camera was pretty sweet about a decade ago, and it works perfectly well for my purposes a decade later. Pictures below were taken with this new device, which I acquired off Craigslist for $10.00.

Earlier this week I got an idea to modify my sock sweater concept. Instead of using sock parts for all pieces of the sweater, I will use them only for the front, collar, cuffs, and hem. For sleeves and back, I will use a plain jersey. I think the result will look more like graphic sweaters than sweaters made out of socks. :p Anyway, I’ve cut out a lot of sweater fronts at 100% recently.

Two days ago I acquired the base pieces of Fiendish Device 2.0 in the form of a smelly record player/tape deck/stereo that had clearly served as a garage-based dust collector for at least a decade before I came along. I lugged the monster inside tonight and unscrewed it. It contained a multitude of glorious circuit boards and other unidentifiable things that looked suitably scientificish.

Anyone who has not yet gazed upon the artistic beauty within an obsolete stereo is truly missing out on some amazing modern art. Yes, that was a serious sentence. Part of the reason I have pursued an old record player for Fiendish Device 2.0 parts is that I like the way that old record player innards look.

Anyway, I removed some promising pieces from the monster and dusted them off. Pictures below, with ruler to show size. I’m thinking of having one large Device and a smaller auxiliary Device — either a portable Device or a controller for the main Device.


Sweater fronts are waiting for use. Snow people are ADORBZ!!! Pizza = suitably greasy + hilarious. The Working Dead is for Peter, apparently a fan of novelty sweaters. Zombies are for offensive people in Zville who don’t realize that we don’t use the Z word. Happy skeletons and ghosts are, of course, for Isabel. Cupcakes are delicious and appropriate for everyone.
8.5″ of pure, raw, unadulterated Science [R]. Option 1 for main Device.
Smaller portable Device to the left. Larger Device with more imposing wheezers and grommets to the right.

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